Pope Francis’ Prayer Intention for the Month of
November 2020

Universal prayer intention ‐ Artificial Intelligence

We pray that the progress of robotics and artificial intelligence may always serve humankind.


November Pope Video – Artificial Intelligence

Do you know how much artificial intelligence is going to change your life? A lot? No. Much more than you can imagine, although it also depends on where you live. Driverless cars, robots in your home, drones delivering packages along the streets… All of this is already part of our world. It’s the present, not the future. The limits of artificial intelligence and robotics are difficult to imagine. Consequently, we need to be aware of the dangers that progress in these areas can bring: inequal opportunities, discrimination, etc. May the desire that Pope Francis expresses in his encyclical Fratelli tutti be fulfilled: “How wonderful it would be if the growth of scientific and technological innovation could come with more equality and social inclusion!” If you share this dream, share this video too.



November 2020 Prayer Intention – Artificial Intelligence

The rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI)  offers many opportunities, but it also poses many dangers. There are so many ways in which we could use AI for social good, but over the last few years it has become apparent that there are potentially a lot of unintended consequences. As more social sector organizations recognize AI, we all can play a role in legislating AI outputs are ethical, responsible and fair for a better world.

AI is present in the way social media feeds are organised;
the way predictive searches show up on Google;
the way robots are replacing humans at workplace;
how algorithms make automated trading in stock markets;
how detection of diseases are being made in advance using AI;
how robots are helping the elderly and sick;
how automatic translation from one language to another is made;
it is present in facial recognition technologies;
it is present in modern warfare where drones and robots are fighting.

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Prayer of the Month – November 2020

Gracious Father,
you created your children with love
and you gave them intelligence and creativity,
capable of promoting progress and happiness
of all humankind.
Send your Spirit on those who work
in the advancement of science and technology,
so that they can bear very abundant fruits,
and always be motivated
for the greater good of the human person,
of society and of our planet.

Our Father…

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