Praying for our Eparchial Summer Camps

of St. Michael’s Camp at Madge Lake and

of St. Volodymyr Camp at Ukrainian Park, Pike Lake

We pray for safe and healthy summer camps – for safety in our activities, programs, health for our campers and staff. Bless all our campers to a wonderful experience as they grow closer to Jesus Christ while they are here.  Bless all the staff to take of all the campers entrusted to their care over these summer camps. We ask you Heavenly Father to bless our summer camps, that they may be a place where our youth may be filled with growth in faith, fun and also be reminded of the beauty of God’s creation and the fellowship and relationships that are built through our summer camps. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the blessings of our Eparchial summer camps, and to all those who have contributed with their time, talents and treasures towards these camps. Amen.

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