Sarcan Project for St. Michael’s Camp


An easy, new way to help support St. Michael’s Camp!

St. Michael’s Camp at Madge Lake is doing a virtual bottle drive!  In the winter we still have utilities to pay for with less income so please help us out this winter.  Please donate recyclable drink containers at SARCAN for St. Michael’s Camp.  Individuals can bring them to SARCAN themselves, your church can collect them and have someone bring them to the depot, or you can do an actual door to door bottle drive on behalf of the camp.  The process is easy, just simply:

  1. Remove lids and rinse the beverage containers
  2. Put in a bag and tie off
  3. Bring them to your local SARCAN depot
  4. Use the drop and go Kiosk
  5. Log in with the camp phone number 306-542-3098
  6. Print the same number of stickers as bags you are dropping off
  7. Attach sticker to each bag and put in designated area

That’s all!   Thank you for your generous support!

This is ongoing . . .  donations can be year round!



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