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“Schools You can Believe In Campaign”

– through to January 31, 2018

Support SCSBA’s Schools You Can Believe In fundraising campaign

Help ensure Catholic education is available to all who choose it, no matter the reason, for future generations. Donate to support the legal appeal of the Theodore court-case ruling and keep resources in our classrooms. A permanent reversal through the appeals process (which will likely go to the Supreme Court of Canada) is needed to maintain funding for all who choose Catholic faith-based education.

Join in the Campaign to raise $300,000 needed to appeal the Theodore Judgement.
When: Make your donations through to January 31, 2018
Where: Throughout the province: in our homes, schools, churches, and divisions.

Province Wide: Either drop off a cheque at your local division office, local school or go online at

Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools: Donate online at:,
or make you cheque payable to Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools Foundation (write “Theodore” in the memo) and drop it off at your local Catholic School)
or to 420- 22nd St. E., Saskatoon, SK S7K 1K3.


Catholic Schools in Saskatchewan

November 25, 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Catholic education has existed since before Saskatchewan entered into confederation in 1905. We recognize and value the work done by our religious and school divisions, both past and present. Today, Catholic school enrolments have grown to nearly 40,000 students. While parents choose Catholic education for diverse reasons, we acknowledge their desire to enroll their children in these faith-filled communities as ongoing support of our schools.

Catholic schools in Saskatchewan are founded on a common faith in Jesus Christ as understood within the Catholic tradition. Religious instruction, religious practice, value formation and faith development are integral to every area of the curriculum in a Catholic school. These faith communities provide a learning environment in which each student’s unique, God-given gifts and talents are fostered.

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