Dear friends from all over the world!

We sincerely invite you
to celebrate

the 60th BIRTHDAY

of the President of the Ukrainian Catholic University
Archbishop and Metropolitan of Philadelphia
Bishop Borys Gudziak

Tuesday, November 24

at 1:30 EST in Zoom format

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Each of us is called by his talents to change this world for the better – this is exactly what Archbishop Borys confirms with his posture throughout his life, taking on extremely difficult tasks and overcoming difficult challenges in his ministry. His God-given ability to speak and be heard serves as a powerful magnet that attracts, fights indifference, and inspires people to gather around him, to become a co-creator of his projects and victories.

This is what made us part of a great friendly family, which we can symbolically describe as Friends of Vladyka. And the indisputable fact of the uniqueness of the figure of our dear Archbishop Borys for the history of our University, our Church, and each individual Ukrainian family gives us reason to call you to join us in 2 weeks to greet our Friend, Pastor and Leader.

Bishop Borys gladly agreed that all financial gifts on the occasion of his anniversary will be directed to the Scholarship Fund founded in memory of Bohdan Solchanyk, UCU’s lecturer and a hero of the Heavenly Hundred.
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