SCAM ALERT – Please be aware that fraudulent messages continue to circulate via e-mail, as well as via text and messaging apps, allegedly coming from our priests, bishop, or others in the Catholic community, asking for money, gift cards, or other gifts.

Please DISREGARD all such messages! Do NOT reply or engage with the individuals sending these messages. The email addresses typically look like they could be real. The message asks if you are busy, ask for a favour, or directly ask for iTunes or other gift cards or funds. Do NOT send gift cards, money, or cash transfers if requested to do so over e-mail or via text message.  This applies to any such messages that people receive, not just clergy or from clergy! It could look like it is coming from friends or relatives,  however the email will always be just a little different than what the real one is, or the name might be just a bit different as well.

Check the email address that the message is coming from – our clergy email addresses are on our Eparchial website under the Eparchy Tab – Clergy & Religious!  For example, if you received an email from do not respond to it! Just block the sender and delete the email! Under no circumstance should you go and purchase gift cards or send any money, etc!

Therefore, if you receive messages asking for help like this from our bishops or priests, either contact their offices directly to check whether they are authentic, or just ignore.
If you are the victim of fraud, contact your local police or RCMP office.


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