Season of Creation: Living Sustainably

– from Global Catholic Climate Movement


commitment to change
The Season of Creation unites Christians around the world in the strength of our faith. This is the second week of the season. We invite you to celebrate it by committing to live more sustainably.

Traveling Sustainably

As Christians, we are called to protect creation. Living out that call in our daily habits is the first step.  You are invited to make a commitment to Living the Change. This multi-faith initiative is mobilizing faith communities around the globe to adopt sustainable lifestyles that protect our common home.

Whether it’s eating less meat or traveling more efficiently, planning one small change can put you on the path to better care of creation. The Living the Change platform will help you evaluate how each lifestyle change protects our common home.  

During the Season of Creation, Christians pray and act as one. Please join the global Christian community in making lifestyle changes to protect creation by Living the Change.

Climate march in Rome, Tomás Insua and Bp. Allwyn D’Silva
This week in San Francisco, hundreds of leaders are gathering to talk about how their institutions have made changes to protect creation.  From the fields of business, higher learning, and faith, these institutions aren’t waiting for government to make good decisions.  They are moving forward.

To prepare for the event, communities around the world stood up together to Rise for Climate. 250,000+ people marched for climate justice. This global weekend of action was celebrated as a Season of Creation event in the U.S., Italy, Panama, Kenya, and the Philippines.

19 institutions–including Caritas India and the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference–announced their divestment this week.  Watch the video here.

As Bishop Lumen Monteiro, the chairman of Caritas India said, “At Caritas India our mission is to bring the gospel’s love and compassion to people who need it, and to do that we must step away from the fossil fuels that cause so much suffering.”

Your Catholic institution–whether parish, diocese, religious community, or school–is invited to step away from fossil fuels. To date, more than 120 Catholic organizations have divested. More information about divesting from fossil fuels is available here.

To date, over 500 Season of Creation events have been registered on the global Season of Creation map.

You are part of this movement. If you’ve planned an event but not yet registered it, please take a moment to register and add it to the map, where it will inspire others.

Together, in word and in deed, we are raising a prophetic call to protect creation and the vulnerable.  Thank you for the spirit you bring to this movement. It matters.

In Faith,
Tomás Insua
Executive Director
Global Catholic Climate Movement

PS: If you’ve planned a Season of Creation event but haven’t registered it yet, please register it now.


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