Pope Francis urges ‘sharing,’ not ‘plundering’ creation in message before start of Season of Creation»»


Pope Francis calls on all people to pray that creation is shared in a “fair and respectful way.”
On the eve of the ecumenical Season of Creation, Pope Francis forcefully spoke out against acts of “plundering” against God’s creation and called on all people to take action to protect God’s gifts “today, not tomorrow, today.”His Holiness, speaking in his monthly Pope Video for September, said countries and companies in the Global North exploit “natural gifts from the [Global] South, generating an ‘ecological debt.’

“Who is going to pay that debt?” he asked.

“Furthermore, the ‘ecological debt’ is enlarged when multinationals do outside their countries what they are not allowed to do in their own. It is outrageous.”

His message calling on all people to act comes as Christians around the world are preparing to start the Season of Creation, the annual celebration of prayer and action for our common home.


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