There is a committee of stakeholders that have been working  for years toward the end of decommissioning of the Church buildings at the Cudworth Shrine. Before you get excited about my choice of words I want to be very clear. The Hill is a holy site. A sacred site that we are protecting. The mother of God appeared there to children. It was a pilgrimage site for decades. It grew and developed over the decades and then went through a declining period where attendance shrunk and maintenance waned. The buildings on site are now condemned because the foundation is structurally compromised. We tried many options to sell and later to give away the buildings, but they all failed. It is now up to volunteers to harvest the wood that can be safely recovered and to prepare the buildings for decommissioning by burning. The hill itself is  a precious gem. The committee spent a lot of energy to upgrade the Stations of the Cross and the altar on the summit. Last year the main cross fell down through the actions of the wind. New wood has been procured and the cross and the corpus of Christ will be fixed this winter.  For years we have been restricting access to the site  due to the dangerous conditions, but if all goes according to the plan then the danger will be removed by end May. We anticipate that in 2021 June 20th (date to be confirmed) we will hold the pilgrimage on site. Please read the Letter #6 below:

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Update, letter #6, 25 September, from the Shrine of our Lady of   Sorrows near Cudworth.

 Bad news, nobody wants the buildings for free either.

Good news is that now it is in our hands.  What we do gets done and what we don’t do does not get done. This is your call to action. Get yourselves, your friends, your family and  your neighbours to volunteer.

The current proposed Decommissioning strategy is as follows:

Sept 23 Making plans and phone calls.
Sept 24 Send out this email “Shrine letter #6”
Sept 25 On site planning (Metro, Mel, Fr. Mykola and Fr. Ivan) and work bee from 2:00-5:00.
Sept 29 Work bee to harvest interior siding
Oct 3 Work bee to harvest interior siding
Oct 5 Work bee to harvest interior siding and remove all wiring.
By Oct 30 If volunteers permit: harvest the fir flooring
By Oct 30 Remove and disposal of shingles
By Oct 30 Remove and disposal of asphalt siding
By Oct 30 Metro removes the White Chapel on his own dime and keeps it for himself.
By Nov 7 Knock down St. Demetrius church towards where the White Chapel was.
By Jan 30 If volunteers permit: harvest the floor joists, wall studs, rafter materials, exterior sheeting,
By Feb 15 Decommission remaining combustible materials by burning on site.
By May
Collect the metal, collapse the concrete foundation, bury the ashes and landscape the property.
June 20?? Our Lady of Sorrows 2021 Pilgrimage.

For the work bees Sept 29, Oct 3 and Oct 5

  • You need N95 masks for Hantavirus and Coronavirus. Also bring gloves and goggles.
  • You need tools for removing boards and for removing nails.
  • You need to bring your own food and water.
  • We start each work bee with a Divine Liturgy on the Hill at 9:15.
  • Other jobs will present themselves: removing asphalt siding, removing Delarosa, loading shingles from the ground, clearing the ground under the pre-engineered roof, etc
  • We will be observing covid-19 protocols the whole time.
  • We need help, so advertise for volunteer workers in your circle of influence.
  • Site foremen will be Metro Hrabok, Fr. Ivan, Fr. Mykola or Mel Richardson.
  • For questions ask Metro at 306-280-3517, Fr. Ivan at 306-961-1390 or Fr. Mykola 306-270-8628

Just us, Fr. Ivan and Fr. Mykola

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