St. Nicholas Church, Maybridge District
100th Anniversary Praznyk Celebrated on July 14, 2018

The Little Church on the Hill celebrates 100 Years

[submitted by Jayne Paluck, Descendant of Founding Land Donors]

For many years local people referred to it as “the little church on the hill”. In reality the church had a name, St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church, and on July 14, 2018 there was a reason to celebrate. Descendants of the founding members, relatives and friends gathered to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the little church on the hill.

The land on which this Church and cemetery are located first belonged to Stefan and Anna Chornook some of the first immigrants to settle in that area. In 1912 the first burial took place and two years later Stefan and Anna Chornook donated two acres of land for the purpose of establishing a cemetery and a church. This became the legal description of the current property. By 1918 St. Nicholas Church had been constructed and for many years it served the spiritual needs of the Ukrainian community in the Maybridge district north of Pelly, Saskatchewan.

Unfortunately for reasons not substantiated, a fire destroyed this first church. Ukrainian Catholics in the district rallied around the need for a place of worship and by their dedicated effort the current church was completed in 1945.

On Saturday July 14, 2018 a large number of people gathered for a special Annual Praznyk to mark the 100th Anniversary of St. Nicholas Church. Reverend Joachim Rac of Canora conducted the Panakhyda Service for the deceased. A short program followed. Father Rac explained the significance of the traditional foods associated with Ukrainian funerals or in this case, when graves are blessed. Bernice LaPlante gave a brief history of the Church and Jayne Paluck added personal anecdotes and memories as she recalled them.

The afternoon ended with a great barbecue, photos, laughter and visiting.  The Church and Cemetery Committee thanked Father Rac for the Panakhyda Service and the blessing of the graves. Thanks were also extended to all the volunteers, for the donations of food and fruit, and the generous donations made towards the general upkeep of the Church & Cemetery grounds.

Attending the anniversary celebration were descendants of the founding members: Larry Ladubec of Warman, SK (descendant of the Ladubec family); Bernice LaPlante of Roblin, MB (descendant of the Hubic family); Ron Perepeluk of Norquay, SK (descendant of the Perepeluk families) and Helen Bright of Yorkton, SK (daughter) of Stefan and Anna Chornook.














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