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Holodomor and National Holodomor Memorial DayUCC Saskatchewan’s Holodomor Awareness and Education Committee chair Nadia Prokopchuk was on Global News Morning today, speaking about the Holodomor, how National Holodomor Memorial Day will be this commemorated this Saturday given the COVID pandemic, and why it is important for people to educate themselves and remember this tragic event of 1932-33. Watch on globalnews.ca
Лариса Артеменко, кураторка проекту про Голодомор розповіла, як Голодомор змінив українців“Голодомору в Україні передували тисячі повстань. Рух опору та боротьба за незалежність були вбиті саме голодом”

– Лариса Артеменко

Стаття на тему Голодомору українською від 13 листопада 2020

How ‘The New York Times’ Helped Hide Stalin’s Mass Murders in UkraineA short while into Mr. Jones, a film by the Polish director Agnieszka Holland, the protagonist, Gareth Jones, who has come to Moscow to learn about Soviet collectivization efforts, says he has no agenda other than finding the truth. It is 1933, and two totalitarian powers are unleashing their competing visions of the world on the Eurasian continent. Jones’ interlocutor, Ada Brooks, a Moscow-based foreign reporter, asks Jones, with not a small touch of cynicism, whose truth he is seeking to uncover. He says that he is looking for “the truth. There is only one kind.”

22 October 2020 article in Tablet daily online magazine by Izabella Tabarovsky

Samuel Goldwyn Films

“Mr. Jones” at the Capitol Annex Theatre in North Battleford

Friday, November 27, 9 PM
Saturday, November 28, 4 PM

Free admission

Presented by the Holodomor Awareness and Education Committee
Sponsored by the Battlefords Ukrainian Canadian Cultural Council

COVID guidelines observed

Gareth Jones was a journalist who tried to tell the truth about what was happening in Ukraine in 1932-1933. Official North American Trailer

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