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21 July 2020 • 21 липня 2020 р. • 17.23 (366)
A Word from Us
Слово від нас
Each year, we collect information from our member organizations to learn about their organizational activities.

Did you know that approximately 840 programs were delivered in 2019 by 155 member organizations? Of these:

280 were targeted specifically to youth
115 to rural communities
134 for seniors
9 for newcomers

With extrapolation, an estimated 11,330 individuals devoted more than 94,000 volunteer hours to these Ukrainian cultural, educational and charitable programs and activities. This is something we can all be proud of!

UCC Saskatchewan celebrates the dedication of these volunteers who are making important contributions to maintaining, developing and sharing our province’s Ukrainian Canadian identity and aspirations.

Thank you to our members for submitting your member update forms.

What’s Your Take?
Від Вас до нас!
Are you or is your organization considering to apply for a Hromada Legacy Fund grant by October 15th, the final application deadline for this year?
(If you are unfamiliar with the activities that are eligible for financial support, please see the “Programs, Services, Projects” section below for a summary of Hromada Legacy Fund funding categories.)

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Featured Member Organization
Складова організація в фокусі
yevshan folk ballet ensemble - facebook cover photo
Yevshan Ukrainian Folk Ballet Ensemble (Saskatoon)
Established: 1960
Objectives: dedicated to preserving, interpreting and expressing historical and contemporary Ukrainian cultural values for public enjoyment through technical and artistic excellence in the art form of dance
In 2019: 30 performances – 23 performances in Saskatoon, 2 Prince in Albert, 1 in Aberdeen; 15 seniors homes; Ukraine trip July 2019
Yevshan has 42 organizational members

Congratulations to Yevshan on its 60th Anniversary this year! Celebrations will take place March 20, 2021 (please see the “Upcoming” section below).

Programs, Services, Projects
Програми, послуги та проекти
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Hromada Legacy Fund of Saskatchewan
Next deadline is October 15, 2020

This funding program of UCC Saskatchewan offers financial support for your upcoming activity. Check out the following funding categories:

A. Celebrating Ukrainian Arts, Culture and Identity
for activities showcasing and promoting Saskatchewan’s Ukrainian arts, culture and identity

B. Fostering Achievement

  1. Bursary in Ukrainian Studies
  2. Dance Festival Scholarship Grant – for Saskatchewan Ukrainian Dance Festivals
  3. Culture and Language Learning Grants – for camps, daycares, sadochoks, schools, cultural workshops, etc.
  4. Train the Trainer – professional development for instructors of dance, choral, language, etc.

C. Building Community Capacity

  1. Organization & Branch Development – for activities, which aim to increase volunteer participation
  2. Cultural Resource Acquisition – of original cultural resources e.g., costumes, music, and instruments, etc.

D. Promoting Intercultural Experiences
for in-province exchanges as well as performance tours

E. Sharing Our Legacy
for unique legacy projects meeting overall HLF objectives

Funding Criteria Amended: for 2020 only, funding criteria has been amended to allow for funding of some administrative expenses.

Applicants should contact Executive Director Danylo Puderak or Administrative Coordinator Maryna Bondar to discuss their proposal prior to submitting a request for funding.

Calls to Action
Заклик до дії
HNAT Deep Truth - graphic
Sign the Petition! Help Get Holodomor Included in the Dictionary

July 21, 2020 — The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) calls on all Canadians to sign the petition to get the word ‘Holodomor’ included in all major English-language dictionaries. UCC Communiqué, link to petition

Календар подій
Dave Mysak Kovbasa Klassic Golf Tournament – Thu, Sep 3, Saskatoon

Yevshan 60th Anniversary Show and Banquet – Sat, Mar 20, 2021, Saskatoon

Vision statement and funders logos
Everyone Wins!

Proceeds from Sask Lotteries fund groups like ours whose activities help us all to grow, learn and play! Learn more about Sask Lotteries and the sport, culture and recreation groups that benefit at sasklotteries.ca.

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