Glory Be to Jesus Christ! Glory Be Forever!

We prayerfully hope that you are coping well with the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of our parishioners throughout the Eparchy are now needing to remain at home in self-isolation or quarantined and are avoiding public gatherings. Liturgical services are still being celebrated by the clergy and cantors. Respecting the directives of the health, government and church authorities, our parish churches have closed their doors to the public which means there isn’t any opportunity to gather and worship within our parish community.  We hope you are taking advantage of the many Liturgies available on-line particularly those through the Eparchial website (www.skeparchy.org).

The Foundation currently has the capability to accept and process on-line donations through our website which the Parishioner can use to direct their donation to their Parish. The Foundation will gather these donations and on a monthly basis send them to the appropriate Parish as designated by the Parishioner.

We recognize that some Parishioners may not be in a financial position to make their normal contribution at this time which is totally understandable. However, for those who wish to do so, please go to  www.ucfsask.org»»  for details to make your on-line donation to your Parish. Your donation is very much appreciated because it will provide your Parish with financial resources to pay for the oerating expenses during this critical time.

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