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Alumni On-going Formation with Fr. Gregory Hrynkiw –

October 2021-June 2022

UCREC invites all the Alumni to the Alumni On-going Formation given by Fr. Gregory from October, 2021 to June, 2022.  The first Topic is Sacred Tradition and the second Topic is Children of Light: Theological Anthropology.

You may attend virtually via WebEx or in person if the session shows it is in your City!

First event is in Saskatoon at Musée Ukraina Museum on October 16, 2021 – “Sacred Tradition”.  Due to Covid restrictions this may all be virtual.

Upcoming Dates and Places are as follows:

All sessions are from 9 am to 1pm.

  • November 13, Yorkton – “Children of Light – Theological Anthropology”
  • December 11, Regina
  • January 8, Regina
  • February 5, Yorkton
  • March 5, Regina
  • April 2, Yorkton
  • May 14, Regina
  • June 11, Yorkton
  • June 18, Saskatoon (Retreat)

Please let us know if you want to attend by October 13 (the Wednesday before the session). . .Ukrainian Catholic Religious Education Centre

  • Are you coming to the Museum/or Hall?
  • Are you joining via WebEx/Phone?
  • Which email address?
  • Our email address is:  rel.ed@sasktel.net

You will receive a WebEx invitation from our Office on Friday afternoon before the session.  You must download WebEx onto your computer or IPad.  You may also use a phone connection.  If you choose to use a phone connection, we can walk you through this option.

COST:  For all nine sessions (not including Retreat): $75.00 per person.  Can’t make that commitment? Each session (not including Retreat): $10.00 per person.

On another note: Fr. Gregory is continuing with Bible Study on Tuesday nights from 6:30-7:15 pm on WebEx.  Starting on October 5, he will begin the study of the Acts of the Apostles.  If you are interested in that study, please email our office: rel.ed@sasktel.net

Blessings, from the Sisters/UCREC

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