Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon:

2019 Praznyks, Cemetery Services & Pilgrimages»»

Under the directive of our Eparchial Pastoral Council, we are providing, on our Eparchial website, the information for the Praznyks, Cemetery Services & Pilgrimages that are taking place across our Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon.

The links below with take you to the “Schedule of Praznyks, Cemetery Services & Pilgrimages”, from the information that was gathered from our clergy who are serving in these parishes and districts, as of June 6. The schedule is divided up by each Deanery and the District & Parishes in those Deaneries. Also inclluded is the schedule by each Deanery.

Changes will be updated to the schedule as we receive them, and will be marked by updated (date)by the District name that the changes occurred in, and the information will also be updated under Events.

Please take this opportunity to view the schedule, visit and participate in the services for this year’s Praznyks, Cemetery Services and Pilgrimages throughout our Eparchy of Saskatoon.

View 2019 Praznyks, Cemetery Services & Pilgrimages for our Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon»»
Praznyks, Cemetery Services & Pilgrimages by Deanery as of June 6, 2019:

Prince Albert Deanery [updated June 6-2019]»»

Regina Deanery»»

Saskatoon Deanery [updated May 26-2019]»»

Yorkton Deanery [updated May-28-2019]»»

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