Unity 2020 “Stillness in Chaos”

July 31-August 3, 2020 – Toronto


Registration Deadline – February 15-2020!

This is an amazing opportunity for you to build relationships, enrich spiritually and get a renewing breath of life to love, to serve and to enjoy your life to the fullest.

It is hard to say NO! So join us! Let  us know you are going with us by sending an email to uwitness2youth@gmail.com or call 306-914-0355 (Viktoriia). THE DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 15th.

For everyone who registers before the deadline date will be entered in a draw to win a discount of $100 off their registration. The cost of Unity 2020 is $400.00. The cost includes all Unity programming, accommodations, food and beverages, transportation during Unity, and a banquet. After February 15th we as a team will get in our online registrations and start working on raising some funds to cover our Unity expenses.  Please continue to check out Unity 2020 on Facebook at Unity Toronto 2020 – https://www.facebook.com/UnityToronto2020/ and on Instagram at Unity_20_20.
We hope to have an amazing team of young hearts willing to be enlightened by Jesus’ presence and strengthened by the community of friends from around Canada.

Unity 2020 is just for YOU!

What is Unity?

Unity is a national gathering of Ukrainian Catholic young  adults  (18   to   35   years   old) to  further  understand,  embrace  and   celebrate the Ukrainian Catholic faith through prayer, education    and  fellowship.    Unity    promotes and strengthens Christian religious life and social outreach through faith-based activities and workshops. Unity has been held across Canada since 1996, with hundreds of young adults from across the country being enriched by the experience. This meaningful weekend offers spiritual guidance, community service and opportunities to deepen one’s faith through catechetical enrichment.

The Unity 2020 Committee through the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada will be hosting Unity 2020 from Friday, July 31 to Monday, August 3, 2020 in Toronto, Ontario at Victoria University in the University of Toronto.

What is the Theme of Unity 2020?

The theme for Unity 2020 will be Stillness in Chaos. The goal is to arm young adults  with  the tools needed  to  deepen  their  faith   amidst the turbulence of modern life. As society becomes   more     reliant     on      technology and instant gratification, we believe in the importance  of centering  one’s  life  around Jesus and His teachings. Unity 2020 provides the opportunity to show young adults the importance of building a faith community around themselves and being a part of a vibrant church where they are free to be children of God.

Too  often  today,   it   is   seen   as   uncool   to be Catholic/Christian and our organizing committee is dedicated  to engaging young leaders across the country,  and  to  facilitating open dialogue about what it means to be a Catholic/Christian  in  today’s  society.  We   hope to enable  our  participants  to become stewards of God’s Word in their lives and leaders in their communities.


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We hope you’ve heard about Unity 2020, which is a national gathering of Ukrainian Catholic young adults (18-35). Unity 2020 in Toronto offers you the tools needed to deepen your faith amidst the turbulence of modern life. For more detailed information go to a link:

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