Yorkton: Information Meeting

St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Parish
Mother of Perpetual Help,

Sunday June 27, 2:00pm

[Submitted by Julie Abrametz, Communications Rep, St. Mary’s, Yorkton] 

  • Opening prayer was led by Father Leonid Malkov, CSsR.
  • Welcoming and opening remarks were presented by Parish Council President Fred Schrader.
  • Introduction of Father Michael Smolinski, CSsR, by Doreen Clarke.
  • Introduction of Father Ivan Nahachewsky (Vicar of Properties) by Fred Schrader.
  •  Introduction of Eparchy lawyer Marusia Kobrynsky.
  • Doreen Clarke is the legal representative for the Redemptorists.


  • Marusia Kobrynsky gave a brief purpose and outline of the meeting.  Father Michael Smolinski, CSsR, gave a history of the Ukrainian Redemptorists in Yorkton, who have been here since 1913.   Redemptorists all over the world are restructuring.   In 2019, the Redemptorists in Canada  – the French, English and Ukrainian all came under one organization.   In Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Yorkton, there are five active priests of the Canadian Ukrainian Redemptorists left.    The Redemptorists will stay in Yorkton as long as the numbers warrant.
  • Doreen Clarke – legal representative for Redemptorists presented a video display of various land titles and the history behind the titles.


Marusia Kobrynsky – legal representative for the Eparchy spoke about the responsibilities of the Eparchy and how it relates to Canon and Civil Law.

Also discussed were some proposals for the Monastery that were looked into in the past.   The Redemptorists started studies to assess the demolition of the Monastery and what all would be involved such as demolition costs and environmental studies and any other potential issues.   The Redemptorists proposal was detailed in an information sheet provided.

Father Ivan Nahachewsky, Vicar of Properties for the Eparchy, was not present, but addressed the meeting through teleconference, on the situations facing our parish, and how it would be best to demolish the Monastery sooner than later, and to accept the Redemptorists transfer of land titles to this parish.


  • There was a question and answer period.
    • Marusia Kobrynsky asked – are we as a parish prepared to accept title and accept demolition?


  • There were two motions:
    •  motion was made to transfer property from Redemptorists and the parish take ownership.
    •  motion was made giving the Redemptorists okay to tear down the monastery.
  • All motions passed.


  • There were 62 people in attendance.
  •  Ending prayer was led by Father Leonid Malkov, CSsR.
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